Thursday, July 24, 2008

Last week I got to host the traveling pants! I went with Missy to her work again and I was bored and the pants...and it all happened so suddenly... The next thingI knew, Missy saw me and yelled; I was caught red-handed! You'll have to look at the album to find out what I'm talking about:

I'm back at home since Missy went home with Grandlinda on Sunday and I so I went home, too. I was going to come back again but I decided that since I got to host the pants, someone else could meet the new girl. So, we all decided Gabby was a good candidate. So, she went back. We've all been staying for 2-3 weeks so sometime next month, either Josefina or Addy will probably go and spend time with Missy and Rilla.

Anyway, we're all wondering who the new girl is. Gabby said she's supposed to arrive tomorrow. She's coming from the MCM sale and all we know is she should have good hair. I think it'll be Nicki...Jess thinks Marisol would be cool to hang out with (b/c Jess took over AFTER Marisol but Nicki took over AFTER Jess). And Felicity is of course hoping it's Sarah (a #25 who will have hazel eyes-Missy says she's definitely coming sometime-Sarah is from Labyrinth). It's so exciting to know who it will be!

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