Monday, May 17, 2010

I finished my LMPT entries today :) They were all so fun to come up with the ideas and take. I can't wait to see who else entered and see all the entries. Wish me luck! I'll probably need it, haha.


Friday, May 14, 2010


Hey guys :)

Guess what? I'm going to be in LMPT this year! (That's Little Miss Playthings, in case you didn't know). I can't wait! I've taken one photo already and am going to try to do two tonight. One of my best friends, Marina, is hopefully doing Miss Simply AG and there's a joint photo we want to do (we both want to enter it).

It's fun trying to come up with ideas for the entries and I hope I do okay. Mischa, Kit and Felicity have been in LMPT before and have been giving me some tips. Kaya has been cheering for me as I take photos, lol. She got a new cheer costume from her Spring Basket person, along with lots of toys-Neopets and My Little Ponies! We've been playing with them a lot lately. The kitties try to take the smaller toys from us though. They're so adorable.

Well, I've got to go for now, so I can get a couple more entries done. Maybe I'll get them done by the end of this weekend. Though I do have to do homework this weekend, too...blah! I'm not doing the best in math and science and social Marina and I are going to get together and do homework tomorrow ;)

~Susie Mae Kent