Thursday, December 4, 2008

Corde and I went to AGB-Boston on Sunday and we talked to a lot of the dolls there, hehe. Missy looked at all the #28s displayed; she said that one will probably come here sometime (after Sarah and possibly either before or after Julie). I guess she'll live with Samantha, in Star Valley-the Sam who is for Christmas. Missy said she keeps thinking about which dolls she still wants, probably because she wants to *finish* getting us AGs and then concentrate more on accessories and furniture. She's not sure if 18, 19, or 20 AGs (yikes!) will be her limit-it depends on what the supposed new historical will look like and whether or not Jess really has a twin. Sarah, #28 (Missy hasn't told us her name yet), Julie and Molly are dfinites, on top of Sam and the other girl who will be here for Christmas.

Anyway, I didn't get anything at Boston. Missy only had enough to pick up an outfit for Jenny-well her dolls. Corde will be going home sometime on Monday.

In SV, we had the annual tree lighting ceremony on Sat. evening. It was nice and there was caroling, too.

I'm not sure if I'm getting anything for my bday but my guess is no...maybe though. I'd really love some new PJs-ones that aren't strictly winter. I did have a nightie but I decided to wrap it up as a present for one of the others. I'd also love a blanket or quilt or something...and a pillow. But I doubt I'll get all that...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No Pumpkin Fest?!

Missy told me that we might not be going to the Pumpkin Fest! Why not?! Oh-because of the stupid rain-grrr....I so wanted to go! With the rain it might harm me, though...but-but-I'll wear my sunglsses and wear the witch hat to help cover my eyes!

Why does rain have to come at times you don't want it to? This bites-this bites monkey butts! And Toshi doesn't like his butt being bitten!

ETA: Yay, we got to go! It sprinkled a bit, so I had to hide in a bag most of the time, but I got to go!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We're slowly working on our Halloween costumes. For the time being, we're dressed in different costumes because Sun. we had a birthday party for Nellie and it was Halloween themed.

Jess said there's another big AG box in the other room. We think it's Samantha since Missy said she wants her-and before she's gone from AG.

Grandlinda's Samantha is wicked sad about their archival and Nellie, too, but she's taking it better. Sam was even appalled at the thought of another Sam living here because she thinks she won't be special anymore. Sounds like Felicity and Mischa, lol.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cool Costume

Missy got her costume from the Over 18 costume swap and I get to wear it first!

Jess is probably going to be a witch and Gabby might be a hula dancer but she's not entirely sure yet. /i don't know about Kaya or the others yet though.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yay-Missy and I are going to Jenny's tomorrow for Jenny's and Molly's birthday party! And we might get to see Kit's movie! Missy and Kit have seen it already and love it. We're also bringing Molly's and my movies along with us because-well-we rule! And there's also Labyrinth!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, we've been home for almost a week now. The ceiling still leaks so that means my room is ruined...well-it just means only the beds are there and they're stacked up and we can't sleep there...but Missy set up my windsor writing chair finally...but that means I had to practice my penmanship ALL day!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Wow-I kept forgetting to post here. I've been at the farmhouse since Monday and already we'll be leaving in a couple days. Missy's last day here is tomorrow and we move out on Sunday morning. Missy's getting all sad because she says she'll miss everyone. I'm sad because it means I'll have to deal with Mischa again...she's home right now. I hope she's not hurting Penny! I left Penny in Kaya's care because Kaya loves horses like me and Kirsten and Nicki.

I still have yet to start on my sampler. I have no idea what to make. I have to start on it soon though.

Why does everyone hate my new gown from AG? I suppose it is a bit fancy and the big bows are a bit odd. I love the colors though. And who says I didn't go to more balls after my 6 books? Or that Elizabeth didn't hand a dress to me? I think Missy still wants to get my school outfit and tea lesson gowns first-and my nightshift. She's working on getting everyone's PJs. Slowly. The moderns all have theirs-well not everyone...but none of us historicals have ours yet. Oh wait...Kit has hers.

Missy will probably be needing my hugs tonight and tomorrow and Sunday.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Whoa! What was that? I went downstairs early this morning, because I couldn't sleep...and I saw something look at me and then run away! It was furry and dark grey/blackish and had brownish and white-but it wasn't Charlotte. No, she's upstairs.

I asked grandlinda about it when she woke up and she said I saw Clara-a new kitten here! Whoa-Missy didn't tell us she was getting a kitten!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

*Screams* Animal Pests

So...Kirsten and Peter's puppy is going to be maimed. Not really but...earlier this summer Caro grabbed Fluffy and I tried pulling on him to get him back and...HIS TAIL BROKE OFF!!!!!!!!!I still have it on him...sorta...but it's not attached. Do I have to stick a tack in his butt so he'll be like Eeyore? lol-that would be funny! He still purrs but yeah...evil Caro. Caro gets at everything! He tries to get Toshi, too-bad puppy! I miss Kirsten-Caro listens to her!

School starts in a couple weeks. I'm happy about it because I'll be away from the evil puppy for a few hours. I'll have to bring Fluffy and Toshi with me to school so evil puppy doesn't destroy them. Why can't we have a cat?

Felicity came by yesterday riding...none other than DEMON HORSE!!!! Demon horse took one look at me, snorted and I ran for the hills-actually into the cabin. And Felicity wondered why. Duh-it's DEMON HORSE!!!! Lissie says DEMON HORSE isn't a demon but...I know better *nods.*

I'm at the office-whoot! Actually it's a bit boring here at the moment...Missy's getting quite a few phone calls. I've giggled a couple times and she just told me "you try answering it next time." hehe.

Kirsten's been in VA but only just got opened a couple days ago b/c she got to Laura a tad too late. But I'm sure Kirsten was fine with that. She can turn any situation into something fun. Like when she and Mischa got stuck in Missy's theatre prof's office-they built a fort out of books!

We all miss Kirsten and we're all just waiting for school to start again pretty much. In a couple weeks. Also there's ballet rehearsals and I've got a violin recital that will be coming up soon so I'm busy learning music for that. Then there's another in Dec. Or late Nov. I can't remember at the moment!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Anyway, not much is going on in Star Valley. We're starting to plan for the winter festival already! Julie, one of our friends who doesn't live in SV, might be doing the pre-show music this year. I did it last year.

Um...everything else has been pretty quiet both in SV and out. Gabby and Nicki are both at the farmhouse and will probably come back in a week or two and then either Addy or Josefina will go to spend time with Missy at the farmhouse. I hope after them, I might be able to go but there aren't any promises.

Oh! I can't remember if I posted this already or not (so sorry if I did). Last week, Missy got me an Uglydoll! I got Puglee. She's pink and looks sorta like a pig-and best of all she's a straight-A student like me! She loves to read, write and do math. I thought that was so neat!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Last week I got to host the traveling pants! I went with Missy to her work again and I was bored and the pants...and it all happened so suddenly... The next thingI knew, Missy saw me and yelled; I was caught red-handed! You'll have to look at the album to find out what I'm talking about:

I'm back at home since Missy went home with Grandlinda on Sunday and I so I went home, too. I was going to come back again but I decided that since I got to host the pants, someone else could meet the new girl. So, we all decided Gabby was a good candidate. So, she went back. We've all been staying for 2-3 weeks so sometime next month, either Josefina or Addy will probably go and spend time with Missy and Rilla.

Anyway, we're all wondering who the new girl is. Gabby said she's supposed to arrive tomorrow. She's coming from the MCM sale and all we know is she should have good hair. I think it'll be Nicki...Jess thinks Marisol would be cool to hang out with (b/c Jess took over AFTER Marisol but Nicki took over AFTER Jess). And Felicity is of course hoping it's Sarah (a #25 who will have hazel eyes-Missy says she's definitely coming sometime-Sarah is from Labyrinth). It's so exciting to know who it will be!