Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No Pumpkin Fest?!

Missy told me that we might not be going to the Pumpkin Fest! Why not?! Oh-because of the stupid rain-grrr....I so wanted to go! With the rain it might harm me, though...but-but-I'll wear my sunglsses and wear the witch hat to help cover my eyes!

Why does rain have to come at times you don't want it to? This bites-this bites monkey butts! And Toshi doesn't like his butt being bitten!

ETA: Yay, we got to go! It sprinkled a bit, so I had to hide in a bag most of the time, but I got to go!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We're slowly working on our Halloween costumes. For the time being, we're dressed in different costumes because Sun. we had a birthday party for Nellie and it was Halloween themed.

Jess said there's another big AG box in the other room. We think it's Samantha since Missy said she wants her-and before she's gone from AG.

Grandlinda's Samantha is wicked sad about their archival and Nellie, too, but she's taking it better. Sam was even appalled at the thought of another Sam living here because she thinks she won't be special anymore. Sounds like Felicity and Mischa, lol.