Tuesday, July 27, 2010

All About Tessa

Hi! Susie is letting me post on her blog so I can tell you a little bit about myself. I just came here, from AGB-B, on Sunday. My name is Tessa Joyce Daniels and I'm a My AG #31. I'm 12 years old and in the 6th grade. Earlier this year, in the early spring, I was playing at a friend's house. We were near her pond and I slipped and fell in! Luckily I wasn't in the water for long but it was freezing and I got a really bad cold and ear infection. Well, one morning, I woke up and the pain from the ear infection was gone...but I couldn't hear anything in my right ear! I went to the doctor and he told me that I'll probably never be able to hear in my right ear again. After I heard the news, I cried for awhile. After my cry, I became determined that I wouldn't let this get the best of me. After all, I'm still the same old me who loves to swim, dance, hang out with friends and read magazines. I just had a new challenge.

Even though it's been a few months, I'm still getting used to only being able to hear in one ear. My friends have to talk a bit louder to me sometimes and they say I also talk louder now. I just don't realize I'm doing it. It's sorta like if you have headphones on and are talking to someone; sometimes you wind up talking louder to hear yourself over the music but you don't realize you're doing it (it's not quite the same but that's the best example I could think of-does that make sense?)

I'm going to start learning sign language, which will help in places and situations where I have to be really quiet (like a library). I want to teach the friends I'm making here; it would be neat to start a class afterschool. I hope some of the others are interested. I admit that before I became deaf in one ear, I hadn't given much thought to learning sign language but now I see how it's a good language to know.

My favorite colors are purple, pink and green. I'm a bubbly, friendly girl and I love dogs, especially huskies. I just got a puppy; his name is Pepper and he is the most adorable husky in the world! My favorite movies are Bring It On, Brave New Girl, Raise Your Voice, Gotta Kick it Up, and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies. I love the Sisterhood books, too, and Chrissa's books.

Well, I think that's pretty much all there is to know. Oh, I'm on Innserstar U, too. My ID is Tessa12 (it works since that's my age ;) ).

Here are a few more photos of me:

A photo of me and my new friends Annie (Grandlinda's newest doll, #17) and Solana (Auntie Jenny's newest doll, #47), outside of AGB-B:

Here is Susie (borrowing the Petal Hoodie outfit which is for Christmas doll 2010) and me (in my awesome Innerstar U outfit):

And last but not least. virtual me (isn't that a cute outfit I'm wearing)!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Doll Decisions

Hey guys,

Nothing too much is going on right now. Jess, Jenny's Julie and Grandlinda's Peggy (fka Kit) had a jam session this evening, on their guitars. They said they had a lot of fun. Julie will be going home on Sunday and Addy will be coming home; we've all missed her!

Jess is trying to convince Missy that she does not need both #19 and #31. Missy has been trying to decide between #31 (Tessa) & #19 (Brooke) or just Tessa. After hearing both their bios, I think most of us would like Tessa to join us more (though Brooke sounds nice, too). Missy says she likes #31/Tessa more, too, and thinks the True Style outfit would be better fitted for Tessa. Plus Tessa has the Licorice Fun outfit waiting & she's planning to get the yoga outfit for her. The dress Mischa helped make could easily be for Tessa, too. #31 has also (besides almost turning into wanting #50 instead) been on her list constantly wheras #19 has been on and off more than once. Missy said she feels like she's pretty much at all the 18" AGs she wants, too. She still plans to get MAC Keisha and Chloe someday and perhaps, if she really wants one, she may get a Gotz Little Sister someday or perhaps one more future historical or GOTY.

So, I think Missy will just get Tessa, who will be the one coming home on Sunday (and joining Innerstar U, for those already on it). I'm almost so positive I just want to make a "Welcome, Tessa" banner right now.

Anyway, it's really late, so I'm going to go to bed now. 'Night!