Monday, August 31, 2009

Ugh...School starts tomorrow, in Star Valley, for the public school. Kaya and I did last-minute school shopping today but we didn't get much. I'm not looking forward to school tomorrow. Well, I'm looking forward to hanging with some of my friends more.

This summer went by fast though I didn't do much. The most fun thing I did this summer, besides play lots of dolls, was going with Traveling Laurel and Auntie Jenny's mini Rebecca, to see Rent (along with Missy, Grandlinda and Auntie Jennie).

Um... oh, I heard that Mrs. Halliwell got new supplies for our class. I wonder what they are. Hopefully fun stuff?

Well, I probably should go to bed now. I'm beginning to type all wOnKy. lol. 'Night, every1.

A Meetup!

Tomorrow Nellie and I get to go to AGB-B for a small meetup that a few AGPT members are having. Felicity was going to go but said at the last minute that I could go. I'm excited! I'll get to meet a brand new doll! Actually two brand new dolls! Both Missy and Grandlinda are getting new dolls. The only thing I know about Missy's new doll is that she's going to be Samantha N.'s adopted sister and I know her name but I won't say it tonight.

Anyhoo, I'd better get some sleep so that I'll be awake for tomorrow's trip, haha. Some of you will get to see both of the new girls (man, is it getting crowded, lol-so many have arrived since I came in May 2008) soon.