Sunday, April 18, 2010

My web show ep #6

Hey guys! remember how I told you I was going to AGB last Monday? It was awesome! I even had thought the night before, I could make a web show episode on location there! So that's just what Peggy and I did :) (Peggy is Grandlinda's fka Kit for those who don't know). It was so fun making the web show episodes-it's my favorite one so far! We got an exclusive interview with GOTY 2010 Lanie Holland! And we took some fun photos with the others. It's on youtube or you can watch it right here:

The Jessica McConnell Show: Episode 6

Here are a few photos!

This one was in a bathroom in the main mall-I love the angle of it!

Peggy and a #28 pose for the camera :)

Me holding an MVP trophy for soccer-because I'm an MVP, hehe!

Missy got the Vacation outfit, which I am wearing right now because I get to model it for a review for AGPT, and the Petal Hoodie outfit. Nicki is wearing and going to model that one. Neither of the outfits are for us though...bummer. They're both for the Christmas doll this year. Blah. Maybe we'll become friends...and then we can borrow each other's clothes-then I could wear the Vacation outfit because it looks awesome pawesome on me! I look awesome pawesome in everything! Because I'm Jess, hehe! I did a get a souvenir penny though-that's cute. It has Johnny Appleseed on it.

Anyhoo, I've gotta go. We've gotta clean up our cabin again (in Star Valley, I mean). Then maybe I'll go eat an apple, hehe. TTYLsies!

-Jessica McConnell

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Hey guys, Jess here! On Monday me and Peggy (one of Grandlinda's dolls) are going to AGB-B. It'll be so fun, hehe. Missy wants to get the Vacation outfit PWP if it's still available won't be for me! No...she said it'll be for this year's Christmas doll! Grrrrsies! I probably won't get any souvenir. If she has some extra $, she might buy sneakers for someone...wait-I might need sneakers still! Oh...wait...I have some already (Kirsten borrows them sometimes, when she's not wearing her historical footsiewears).

And I can't drive the car. I like trying to drive but I like to go fast! And Grandlinda said Peggy and I have to sit in the back. No fun. Maybe I'll try to take some neatsie photos-like with Lanie and everyone. *Sighs* At least I get to go!