Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Changes

Sorry for not writing more over the summer. Things were pretty quiet for the most part.

Lately I've been kinda blue. My cousins, Kit and Maddie are moving away. They're going to live with their Aunt Millie. I'm going to miss them so much! And on top of that news, also a few weeks ago, Kaya had said that she was feeling kind of unhappy and that she wanted to go and find some of her tribe to live with for awhile. She's not sure if she's going to come back or live with her tribe permanently. I want to be there for her with whatever decision she decides but I know I'll miss her like crazy, too, if she moves away!

Has anyone else had best friends move away? Does it always hurt like this?

Nicki has been staying with me and my mom for awhile and Tessa has been hanging out with us, too. Marina has been busy working on pieces for a recital so we haven't hung out much lately :/. We did hang out at the block party on Monday, which was good. And she of course invited me to her recital so I can't wait to hear her play for that.

Speaking of the block party, I sang "Dreams of Harmony" for the talent show. I also entered Pounce in the pet show/parade, which was fun. She's such a sweet kitty :).

The leaves are all turning pretty colors. After I clean my room, I'll probably put up some Halloween decorations. I have no idea what I'm going to be this year. I haven't really thought about it yet.

Here's a photo of me, singing at the block party:

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Ack, sorry for the lack of updates. Nothing too much has been going on lately. Kaya and I are just hanging out. Pounce is sleeping next to me :). We have to clean our room again-it's a seems to get that way a lot...

School is out next week! Yay! I just hope I do alright in my classes. I, uh, forgot to hand in a book report last Friday and only found it yesterday morning...oops? This summer will be busy with filming. The sets are slowly coming along. I'm excited-but of course nervous, too!

Solana is staying in Star Valley for a visit. Sonali and Solana are both of course happy to spend time together :).

Ummm...oh yesterday was Kirsten's birthday so I'll give her a shoutout :).

The weather has been hot lately. And today was stormy. I think we're supposed to get more storms tonight, though at the moment you can hardly tell that it rained at all this afternoon. Other than filming, I'm not really sure what I'm doing this summer. Probably just hanging out at home and with friends (and also Missy and Grandlinda, outside of SV). There might be another block party again this summer, so that would be fun.

Well, I've got dishes to wash.

P.S. If you like, my friend, Tessa, has a FB fan page.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ack! Sorry I haven't written in like, forever. I just kept forgetting to post-oops. Things have been pretty quiet here, aside from Sonali moving here on Christmas and Kanani moving here last month. For Christmas/my birthday, I got a cute reversable pillow. It's a pink Hard Rock on one side and green with little white polka dots on the others side-so cute! I also got a pretty striped scarf. Kit, Maddie and Addy spend Christmas with Kaya and I.

As I mentioned above (and Kirsten has probably mentioned as well), Sonali moved here on Christmas. Her sister, Solana, lives in another town-with our Water St. friends. They're twins. I'm not sure what I think of Sonali yet. She seems a bit stuck up and has taken to hanging out with Nikki Halliwell and Rosalind and Rose Hopkins, a lot. Sometimes she seems nice but other times... she's also good friends with Gwen.

Kanani is a sixth grader and is Nicki Fleming's cousin. She moved here from Hawaii, which must have been a bit of a shock, temp-wise. She seems pretty nice and trendy. She's bubbly and friendly. Kanani also loves photography. She has a dog named Barksee; he's adorable and so friendly.

Our class had a little Valentine's party. I got some cute Valentine's :)

Oh, we're still in the process of writing the screenplay for The Show Must Go On. There's still six more scenes to write (probably around 25-30 more pages), before we cane make sets, figure out costumes, filming space and start filming! I'm excited-I get a starring role! We're playing ourselves in the movie. Missy will have to get an external hard-drive before we'll be able to edit the movie, since it'll take up so much space. The editing won't happen for awhile anyway and we'll still have some more youtube videos up in the meantime, too.

Well, that's it for now. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!