Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Not Much to Update

Ugh...I haven't updated in awhile. My life has been pretty boring lately. Not much has been going on.

Last week we had some nice weather but this week it's back to being cold. Today was rainy, too.

My room is a mess but what's new? I'm just...not good at keeping it clean. Nicki's pretty good at keeping her room clean-well, most of the time. Maybe she'll help me. I know, I know, I should clean it myself. Blah.

I'm excited for Easter! I can't wait to dye eggs-it's one of my favorite traditions! I also want to make some yummy cupcakes with jellybeans on top! Yummy :).

I should probably get off now, so I can, um...finish my homework. *Yawns.* And I have to go to bed soon. Maybe I'll just finish my homework tomorrow morning.