Thursday, June 21, 2012

Your Blog Is Great Award

I meant to post this over the weekend but didn't get a chance to.

Awww, thank you so much, Wendy and Jenny, for nominating me for the Your Blog Is Great award!

Here are instructions for receiving and passing on this award:

1. Link to the person who gave you the award.
2. Put the award on your post.
3. Choose 5 blogs to receive the award.
4. Let them know you awarded them.

Not really sure who has and hasn't gotten the award yet, so if you've already gotten it, here it is again.

 I choose:

1) The Rhianna and Erin Blog
2) Water St. Girls Blog
3)  Adventures in AG Land
4) Ava Says
5) Pleasant Piper

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Vacay Is Here

I meant to write a few days ago.  The last day of school was last Wednesday (the 13th).  I did okay in most of my classes, I think...(mostly B's and C's.  I, uh, got a C- in science.  But I got an A in spelling).  I did manage to go up to Mrs. Halliwell and ask her if I could rewrite my book report and she let me.  She gave me a few tips to try to make it better.  I got a B on it, the second time around. 

I'm glad that school is out for the summer.  Kaya and I don't really have anything planned for the summer.  Just hanging out at home and with friends, pretty much.  Maybe we'll think of something. 

Tessa is doing LMPT this year. 

Also, I saw two girls that look alike, going into the General Store, yesterday, as I was taking a walk with Tessa.  I've never seen them before.  I wonder if they're new residents in Star Valley or just visiting. 

Anyway, that's it for now.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Nothing much has been going on lately. School is almost out for the summer! I don't think I'm doing much over the summer. Not really sure.

I, uh, got a C- on a bookreport I had that we got back on Friday. I thought it was okay but Mrs. Halliwell wrote thaat the report wasn't long enough and the summary was very vague. And I-I did it last minute because I didn't finish the book until two days before the reports were due... My mom said I should ask Mrs. Halliwell if I can rewrite the book report but I'm afraid she'll say no. It was my own fault for not finishing the book until late and so I prolly don't deserve a second chance on the report... And like always, if I did ask Mrs. Halliwell, I'd want a friend by me for moral support and what if Mrs. Halliwell says no? *Sighs*

This week has been pretty rainy. Earlier in the week, we had some hail. I hope we have some nice days. I also hope we'll continue filming The Show Must Go On. It's been on hiatus for months. ~Susie

Monday, April 16, 2012

New FB Page & Guess Who's Back

On April 1st, I finally got an FB page of my own! I had been wanting for awhile, though Missy wasn't sure if I was going to get one since I have a blog already. But she finally let me get one! When we told Grandlinda, she asked if it was an April Fool's joke, lol. Nope! You can Like me Here.

Nicki moved in with Marina, Heather, Carrie (Heather's sister) and Nancy. I wonder how all their pets get along? Marina and Nicki both have dogs and Heather, Carrie and Nancy have cats. I loved having Nicki stay with me, for awhile, and I think it helped our friendship grow a bit stronger.

Guess what?! A few days before Easter, Kaya came back! I was so wicked happy! She said that she missed it here and that she'll probably just visit the Nez Perce tribe once in awhile. We had a nice Easter. Kaya and I got lots of candy, including Twix, Milky Way, Cadbury eggs, jelly beans and Lindt chocolate bunnies-yum! I hope you guys had a nice Easter (or Passover), too.

Today me and Kaya went out and smelled some pretty flowers and had a few pictures taken:

Pretty Kaya


Susie and Kaya by Flowers

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Not Much to Update

Ugh...I haven't updated in awhile. My life has been pretty boring lately. Not much has been going on.

Last week we had some nice weather but this week it's back to being cold. Today was rainy, too.

My room is a mess but what's new? I'm just...not good at keeping it clean. Nicki's pretty good at keeping her room clean-well, most of the time. Maybe she'll help me. I know, I know, I should clean it myself. Blah.

I'm excited for Easter! I can't wait to dye eggs-it's one of my favorite traditions! I also want to make some yummy cupcakes with jellybeans on top! Yummy :).

I should probably get off now, so I can, um...finish my homework. *Yawns.* And I have to go to bed soon. Maybe I'll just finish my homework tomorrow morning.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy 2012!

I haven't written in awhile, I know. I just wasn't really in the mood to write much. Since it looks like Kaya probably won't be coming back, Nicki will probably live with me (in Star Valley, I mean; outside of Star Valley all us dolls live prolly sounds a bit confusing). She's be staying here already, which has been nice. I've been trying to get used to Skyler, Nicki's dog, living here but I'm just not used to living with dogs. I don't really like dog licks on my face or hands-especially if I'm about to eat. I much prefer petite kitty licks. Nicki's trying to teach Skyler not to jump on my bed. He's allowed on Nicki's bed though. I do like my kitties on my bed but I've grown up with kitties :). Nicki says she doesn't mind though. Skyler's cute and he's actually nice around my cats. Pounce did hiss at him a couple times though, tsk tsk.

Although Nicki and I are in the same class, we usually do homework at different times. Nicki is learning how to ride Eastern style. And I take ballet once a week. We're both in Girl Scouts. I...uh...have a book report that we were assigned last week that have to finish reading and write...

Christmas/my birthday was nice; it was quiet. Unfortunately we only got a few snow flurries and there wasn't any snow on the ground so no white Christmas this year. I don't really like green Christmases because it just doesn't feel as much like Christmas, to me. Oh well. Nicki got me a cute little Beanie Baby named Grace! She's a praying bunny and oh so adorable! (Fun fact, Missy also a Grace Beanie Baby, so ours match!).

Me with my Grace bunny:

My Grace and Missy's Grace:

On the 26th, my family took us out to dinner, along with Marina and Hallie. It was fun.

Our Christmas tree is still up and we'll probably keep it up a few days longer. I admit, I've also still been listening to some Christmas music. I just can never stop the day after Christmas-I love Christmas music! And the tree is so peaceful and beautiful!

There's nothing much going on outside of Star Valley. Missy is probably selling Sarah to Auntie Jenny (aka in Star Valley, Sarah will probably be moving). And she's thinking about who might be coming to live here. Someone who would probably live with Addy in SV, since Kit and Maddie moved. She thinks it's between Marie Grace who would be a different girl, from New England and Cecile, who would remain herself). I think both of them would be interesting to meet. Lastly for Christmas Missy got Zoey, the AA Bitty Twin girl; Zoey is so adorable and silly. She's debating between Sandrine and Paige for the middle name.

Zoey (and Dead Tired Frankie, Jingle the Husky Pup and a little bear that Zoey claimed):

Nicki and Me :)