Friday, March 19, 2010 life is pretty boring at the moment. Just school and playing dolls with Kaya. Okay so the playing dolls is fun! So is cuddling our kitties :)

Nothing much has been going on in town though. Megan's friend, Alison, recently moved here. They're both Magic Attic Club dolls, along with Heather, Rose and Rosalind.

Kaya and I have managed to keep our room clean. But we still have chores. Today mine are washing dishes and making the bed. I already made our bed. But dishes? Ugh. I guess I'll pretend all the silverware are synchronized swimmers or something, lol.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hey :)

Like Inky, I've decided to move my blog over for a couple reasons. The main one is that Blogspot seems more popular for us dolls. Hardly anyone updated lj anymore.

Anyhoo, I moved some of the old entries over to here (back until summer 2008). There were a lot of entries so I probably won't post the rest. Also, Jess and Felicity will still post here sometimes (it's mainly my blog but they share it, too) and once in awhile maybe one of the others. We usually sign our names under our posts, so you'll know who wrote what.

Also, for those who don't know. Some posts maybe about what's happening in our little town, Star Valley (it's a doll town that we usually live in). Other posts maybe about life outside of Star Valley, like hanging with our owner, Melissa; going to AGB or something. See, we go back and forth between living in SV and hanging out with Melissa. We're dolls so we can do that, hehe. So, many posts might include a little of both ;)

Nothing too much is going on right now except that dinner is almost ready. So, I guess I'll end here for now.