Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Meeting Monday

So, Monday we had to go back to school (vacations are so short!) and so I had to stay after school and have a meeting with Mrs. Halliwell. At first I'd hoped that she'd forgotten about it but while we were paired up and working on our projects, she came by to remind me. By the way, if anyone is interested, our project is that we have to come up with articles (local, national, world, etc.) and present them in class as if we're doing a news show. Jessica McConnell and I are partners so that's fun.

Anyhoo, so after school was over, I stayed in my seat until Mrs. Halliwell called me over to her desk. Then I reluctantly gathered my stuff and went to see her. First we went over the extra credit paper that I had mostly done. She showed me how to figure out where the decimal point goes, in the answer, then had me do them. Then she corrected my paper (I got 4 wrong, out of 10) and instead of giving me a 60% because of the questions I got wrong, Mrs. Halliwell had me try the four questions again, in front of her. It took me a couple of tries on a couple of them and I got frustrated. Mrs. Halliwell could see that because she kept telling me that it was okay and not to beat myself up over it. Along with doing the problems right there, she asked me to try to figure out where I'd made my mistakes the first time around. Eventually, though, I got them all right and Mrs. Halliwell gave me a 100% on the extra credit. I still don't think I deserved it though...

After that, she told me to redo the questions that I had gotten wrong, from the homework sheet before vacation, for more extra credit. She already corrected the answers but wants me to redo the problems on my own. Then, she quickly went over my social studies quiz with me. We had gotten them back yesterday surprise, I failed it, too. *Sighs* It's my fault for barely studying. Mrs. Halliwell had me rewrite the quiz questions, with the right name, in the beginning of each senetence. And if I want to do extra credit for S.S., I have to write at least one page on the Lousiana Purchase. *Head-desk* It's sooo boring. Learning that stuff makes me yawn. I like some history but other history, not so much. It really depends on both the subject and how I'm learning, I think.

So, needless to say, I have a lot of homework to do and no motivation to do it. The story of my homework-loaded life. But, I suppose I should try to do something...



Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter 2014

I can't believe April vacation is almost over already. I want it to last longer! Even though my vacation has been pretty quiet, just staying at home, I'm not ready to go back to school yet.

For Easter, Kaya and I got Lindt chocolate bunnies, some other candy, eggs and bubbles to share. Kaya got a pretty pink flower hairclip and I got an adorable little pink bunny toy! I also sent some Easter toys and bubbles to a few of my friends. :)

Easter Photos

Our Easter baskets.

Me with my Easter presents.

My bunny toy! :)

Kaya blowing bubbles.

I did most of my extra credit math worksheet that Mrs. Halliwell gave me. The only thing I didn't do was the actual decimal points. I'm going to ask Mrs. Halliwell about them, on Monday. I hope she doesn't mind that I didn't do that part yet. I'm also worried about a social studies quiz we had last Friday. We'll probably get them back on Monday and I don't think I did well at all. :/ It's a good thing they don't have dunce caps anymore because I'd be the one wearing it. All. The. Time. Ugh.

Friday, April 18, 2014

School Work Blues

What a beginning to my Spring day went okay for the most part...until Math class that is. We got back our worksheets from a few days ago and on top of mine was a 42%-an F. I was immediately bummed and hoped that no one else saw my horrible grade. :/ Our worksheet was on multiplying decimals.

I'm not the best with my multiplication and I also got confused on where to put the decimal point. I guess it's my own fault because I wasn't fully paying attention when Mrs. Halliwell went over it in class. Math is just sooooo wicked boring! And I'm no good at it and...I dunno.

To top it off, I got a C on my science quiz. And I forgot my vocab homework at home. Needless to say, Mrs. Halliwell wanted to see me after school for a few minutes. I tried to sneak out of the classroom before she said anything but I wasn't quick enough. Mrs. Halliwell gave me another worksheet on multiplying decimals that she wants me to do for extra credit, over vacation. Blah. She also said that she wants to have a meeting with me after school, the Monday we come back from vacation. I think she probably wants to go over the work with me. So now I'll be apprehensive about that all next week! I don't want to stay after but she already called my mom and told her! I of course cried and ran up to hide under the covers. I'm scared and nervous. I'm not looking forward to the meeting at all. I usually stay quiet and start to cry silently. I'm always afraid that Mrs. Halliwell with laugh at me or yell at me or something because of my stupid grades. I mean, part of me knows that she won't but another part of me thinks "what if she does?" and thinks all these negative thoughts, even though they probably aren't true. Does anyone else ever think that way?

I'm going to try to not think about the meeting next week. I want to have a fun vacation, even though I now have an extra homework sheet to do. I'm excited for Easter-we're coloring eggs in a little while which is always one of my favorite traditions. Then we're watching Hop! EB and Fred are so funny! Phil, too, lol.

Anyway, ciao for now.