Friday, December 18, 2009

Wow, none of us have been updating this I shall. Christmastide is upon us. Our tree is up. It is modern, with lights and such, but I also live with a modern cousin and my aunt is modern, though I think once she gets new outfits, she'll be semi historical. We've brought down Noah's Ark and play with it daily while we listen to Christmas music. We listen to a variety since we've got colonial me, modern Megan and Aunt Martha and 1824 Mexico, Josefina, living together.

Anyway, the annual Star Valley Winter Festival is tomorrow and Sunday! 'Tis so exciting! We are again performing Selections From the Nutcracker and this year, I am Clara :) A few of the Water St. crew is in it, too. Our performance is tomorrow night! I think a couple of the songs will be video-taped and we're doing a photo story of it.

Well, I have to go help Aunt Martha bake cookies for the festival. Then I've got to feed Penny and work on my gift for Josefina and...there's just so much to do before Christmas!

~Felicity Merriman

Monday, August 31, 2009

Ugh...School starts tomorrow, in Star Valley, for the public school. Kaya and I did last-minute school shopping today but we didn't get much. I'm not looking forward to school tomorrow. Well, I'm looking forward to hanging with some of my friends more.

This summer went by fast though I didn't do much. The most fun thing I did this summer, besides play lots of dolls, was going with Traveling Laurel and Auntie Jenny's mini Rebecca, to see Rent (along with Missy, Grandlinda and Auntie Jennie).

Um... oh, I heard that Mrs. Halliwell got new supplies for our class. I wonder what they are. Hopefully fun stuff?

Well, I probably should go to bed now. I'm beginning to type all wOnKy. lol. 'Night, every1.

A Meetup!

Tomorrow Nellie and I get to go to AGB-B for a small meetup that a few AGPT members are having. Felicity was going to go but said at the last minute that I could go. I'm excited! I'll get to meet a brand new doll! Actually two brand new dolls! Both Missy and Grandlinda are getting new dolls. The only thing I know about Missy's new doll is that she's going to be Samantha N.'s adopted sister and I know her name but I won't say it tonight.

Anyhoo, I'd better get some sleep so that I'll be awake for tomorrow's trip, haha. Some of you will get to see both of the new girls (man, is it getting crowded, lol-so many have arrived since I came in May 2008) soon.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Well, some of the dolls are at summer camp right now. The rest of us are just chillin' having a lazy summer, hehe. I really should clean my room but I haven't gotten that far.

A new girl, Heather, arrived a few weeks ago. She's nice.

Jess colored a strip of her hair green. I thought she was going to post about it but maybe she forgot. Traveling Ruthie and Traveling Alex visited in May/June, which was fun. Traveling Laurel will be visiting soon. I'm so sleepy, I have no idea what to write. I wish something more exciting was going on at the moment. Hopefully we'll write more often. I'm sure Jess, Rose and Marina will share about camp when they get back. Though I'm considering just making this my blog and keeping the Coconut avvie for the others, instead of 5 main writers...I'm not sure. I might keep it as it is.

Oh yeah, now Missy has decided that #28 and #31 will probably be her last 18" AGs. Grandlinda's Molly J. will probably be hers someday, too. She decided she doesn't really want Julie.

A New Dress

I got a new dress, from my Meet book (original illustrations). It's soooo pretty and I love it! My Uncle Gard got it for me (in Star Valley, I live with my Uncle Gard and Aunt Cornelia).

Here's what the dress looks like in the illustration:

And here I am modeling my dress* :)

*tights from Scarlet Snow outfit; hairbow from my Christmas outfit.

What do you guys think?

Oh, also, I got a letter from my (hopefully) soon-to-be adopted sister. Her name is Hope and she has medium skin, short brown hair and brown eyes. She's my age, too! She seems really nice and I can't wait to meet her! I'm not sure if she dress like me or if she'll dress modern or both. I'll definitely let her borrow my dresses if she wants to wear them, especially until both of us get even more clothes. Hope said that if all the paperwork gets done quickly enough, than she might be able to come here in a couple of months-that's very exciting! Right now she is living in a foster home. Anyway, I'll keep you guys updated.
~Samantha N. Parkington

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Eye Swaps

Hi everyone, Mischa here. My sister, Shirley, and Sarah and Susan (one of Grandlinda's dolls) all left for their eye swaps last Thursday. I can't wait until they come back. Sarah will have to go away again, until Christmas, so she won't really be sharing photos until then. I'm sure Shirley and Susan are eager to share photos though. I hope their swaps go well and they come back safely :)

Anyway, it's way past my bedtime, so I've got to go. Goodnight 0;+)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Let's see...first of all, Missy has no idea which AGs she's still getting. She doesn't think Molly will come. She's undecided about Sonali or whether she wants another pair of twins-aren't Rose and Rosalind enough? She says she wants identical twins (aka the 2 of the same doll)...well...what about Nicki's sisters? I dunno...maybe I'm not a fan of it because I don't have a twin. This also means that Sarita probably won't be coming here. It'll either be Sonali, Julie and #28; #28 and Julie; Sonali and Julie; or some combo of one of one doll and two of another-with this either Sonali or #28 would be out. Oy. Maybe Missy should just get Julie-one Julie.

Anyhoo...I got my Outdoor Play outfit! And it's awesome! I look adorable in it-I mean, this outfit was MADE for me! It's one of my new faves! Grandlinda is the best :D

Here's a pic of me in my new outfit:

Grandlinda also bought cookies! So my little tummy gets to be happily stuffed-yummy!

Oh and Missy just said she has an interview at BK on Monday which means one of us gets to ride along (for luck-and she'll hide a mini doll in her purse, too). I wonder who it'll be.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

What the heck?

So...I logged back in (Marina is now chillaxin' with Peter, Caro and me, in my cabin, in Star Valley) and I have no idea why but my avvie showed up as some pink flower?! What the heck? I didn't do anything to it so why would it be a pink flower? It was so weird. And of course my real avvie was deleted from the computer, so I had to quickly make a new one. It was just so weird; I've never had that happen before. None of the other avvies changed and nothing else changed? Was it just an lj glitch? My name was still the keyword but...weird. And spooky.

So, anyhoo, I've got a new avvie though it's nowhere near as cute as the one with Fluffy. This one is my school photo, from September. Oh well... I hope you guys like it anyway. And I hope that doesn't happen again.

MISSY RUINED MY STUFF!!!!!!!!!! She was putting on Sarah' freckles yesterday and just had to do them in her room so she could look at photos of the actress who played as Sarah in Labyrinth, in order to do it, and...SHE WAS HOLDING THE PAINT AND HER HAND JERKED AND THE SPOON FLUNG OUT AND SPLATTERED PAINT ON THE FLOOR AND HER WALL...AND IT GOT ON TOSHI AND MY BLANKET AND KIRSTEN'S STUFFED DOG, CUPID...AND MY PILLOW AND MY MOLLY DOLL AND SAMANTHINA AND A TEENSY BIT ON COCONUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now there's a huge brown stain on my blanket-brown spots on my pillow. Cupid has brown all over his back. Most of the paint came off Coconut (it was near his butt-ewwww) and Molly's sweater and Samanthina's sleeve (luckily not much got on them). And Missy did wash Toshi as best she could but he's still got a couple small light spots on him that make him look dingy now.

I'm just soooo mad!

Missy said that she didn't mean for it to happen-it was an accident. And that I should be lucky nothing got on Peter or Caro who were both in the cabin. And that I should be really lucky that I wasn't in the cabin when it happened. And I's still bad. I mean, who wants a icky brown spot on their blanket?! It's my favorite blanket and the paint even seeped through a couple of spots so it's brown and icky on both sides.

I hate Missy and I hate Sarah!



Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh-I keep forgetting to sign in here, as does everyone else. Schoolwork must be keeping us busy.

In SV news, there isn't a whole lot going on. Mrs. Halliwell got sick and so our class (5th grade) didn't have a Valentine's party. Oh well. I don't think any of us made cards anyway. Well, I actually bought some but I'll hand them out sometime. Mrs. Halliwell should be back teaching next week. Hopefully no one else in her home got sick.

Kit sewed her sister a dress and it came out pretty well. She said she just has to add a button or two or three to the front. Maddie's happy about her new dress :)
So, last week Missy and I reread my awesome, most spectacular book! And...I miss Sarita!

Oh, Grandlinda bought a #30-Nancy McConnell Yung. Nancy Pantsy is my cousin. She's part Irish and Scottish American (her mom and my dad are siblings) and half Chinese American.


Saturday, February 7, 2009


I have to go to bed soon but I'm really excited! So is Linda (one of grandlinda's newest dolls). Tomorrow we're going to the Manchester Monarchs hockey game; it's part of a Girl Scout Cookie Rally (strange they're doing it after everyone has sold cookies, instead of before the selling begins). Missy and grandlinda went Dec. 2007, last time, but didn't bring any dolls because it was the first time they went. But Missy had said that if they went again than I would get to go and I do! When I heard I quickly tugged on my old hockey jersey (thanks, AG, for making it look all clean and new-it's supposed to be old and dirty-ish-yanno, clean but with stains) and Juniors vest and grabbed my hockey stick and puck. Linda doesn't have a sash yet so Susie is letting her borrow her vest. Linda and I decided to play some hockey of our own. I of course have to leave my hockey stick and puck at home, tomorrow, but that's alright. Missy said I can "Chuck a Puck" and that she'll get orange foam sometime and make a doll-sized Chuck a Puck for me as a souvineer.

I wonder if there will be any other Mia dolls there tomorrow, since lots of GS troops will be there and it is a hockey game and there's the whole Mia hockey/skating thing. Missy and grandlinda help out with a Cadette troop; grandlinda is a co-leader and Missy is an adult volunteer. In Star Valley, Mrs. Halliwell is our troop leader.

Clara wanted to play, too! She took my stick right out of my hand!

Shirley (she's my older sister; a #21-but sometime this year she's getting her "real" eyes-blue. Right now she hazel non-prescription contacts. She wasn't sure if she'd want to ditch her glasses and our parents didn't want to pay for a prescription just for Shirley to not like it, so they let her get colored ones to try-she got hazel. She doesn't like them though)-anyway, Shirley's jealous. She loves hockey, too but she already promised to babysit Nicki's baby sisters. If I have any money, maybe I can get her something. I want a patch for my vest :)