Friday, January 25, 2013

Math Class

So Wednesday during math class, I missed a couple questions that I was called on, to answer. It was partly because I hate being called on, in class, and partly because I-er-wasn't fully paying attention, I guess. When we started on our schoolwork, Mrs. Halliwell wanted to see me, at her desk. Eek! I nervously followed her and she talked to me a bit and told me that if I had a question, I could ask her for help. Then she asked me to stay at her desk to do my work. Probably partly because I tend to doodle-hearts, flowers, stars...when I do my homework or a test. She also probably sensed that I was nervous because she said that I could have a friend sit at the desk, with me. Of course, I chose Marina! She's always there for me. :) Mrs. Halliwell also checked my answers to make sure I was getting it. I felt embarrassed-sometimes I hate asking for help. But at least Mrs. Halliwell was nice and understanding. And Marina was nice and understanding, too. :)

*Sighs a breath of relief* Now it's the weekend so I can enjoy it! Well, I do have some homework but aside from that, I can enjoy it. We're reading The Secret Garden in Reading class. I'm liking it. Then again, I've loved all three versions of the movie that I've seen-and own. Mary and Dicken are my favorite characters in it.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Math Worksheets And Sleepovers

Kaya and I are sleeping over at Hallie's tonight. How sad is it that I've been sorta trying to avoid Mrs. Halliwell? I have a math worksheet due on Tuesday but I haven't started yet. And we had a little timed worksheet to do in class yesterday and I didn't get all the way through...I hate the timed worksheets. They're usually a mix of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and all between 0 and 12. So stuff like 7x9 or 10+12 or 6/3...but since we only have a few minutes to do them, I never seem to finish. I swear my mind likes to go blank sometimes-even on easy questions! Or, with looking fast, I'll do the wrong thing...ugh...Mrs. Halliwell probably thinks I'm stupid. Icky math.

So whenever Mrs. Halliwell comes into the room we're in, I kinda duck and look down. I like hanging out and sleeping over at Hallie's but it's always awkward when your teacher is the mom of one of your friends.

And I know, I shouldn't be afraid. And I also know I've written similar-sounding posts before and will probably do more in the future...but still...

Anyway, other than the avoiding thing, we've been having a fun time. We set up some of Hallie's toys and had them go to the mall. Then they had a fashion show. We also played cards, like three-way war. Very fun. I won once and Kaya won twice.

We're about to go to bed soon. (and, for anyone wondering...yes, I do feel a bit nervous typing this. I don't want Mrs. Halliwell to see it. It makes me a bit jumpy, typing this entry-if she saw it, I'd probably be wicked embarrassed and she'd probably hate me and be mad and- ack!).

Susie Doesn't-Want-To-Get-Caught Kent

Saturday, January 12, 2013

First Post Of 2013

Ack! Oh my gosh, I am sooooo sorry I haven't posted in months! I kept meaning to but just never got around to it, I guess. That and nothing too much has been going on lately.

I know this is old news now but over the summer, I got to meet up with Sophie (of Fair Hollow), who came to visit for a few days, and Claudia (who lives in Waterloo). We had a lot of fun walking around a park and taking pictures!

In September, I went to a birthday party for Olive and Aimee. We watched movies, played games, ate cake, and had fun getting to know each other better.

In the Fall, Kaya went to visit some of our friends in Waterloo. She had a lot of fun except she got scared when she and Claudia were watching Dr. Who. I've never seen it but Kaya said not to. It doesn't really seem interesting to me anyway. Then again, I watch Disney a lot.

In December, we went to the Tree Lighting Ceremony. It was fun; we stood around the tree, singing Christmas Carols, and we took pictures by the tree and drank hot chocolate and ate cookies.

(Me and Felicity)

Me and Julie (of Waterloo)

Kaya and I had a nice time over the holidays. I got a couple of new movies and stuff, for Christmas/birthday. My birthday cake this year was a chocolate raspberry layer cake-yum! It was delicious! (for anyone who doesn't know, my birthday is on Christmas! And actually, Gwen Thompson, of Daisy Hollow, is also a Christmas angel). (Daisy Hollow is Grandlinda's doll town).

We didn't really do much for New Year. And once we got back to school, we had an essay to write, on our Christmas Vacation. I don't like essays. I'm not good at them.

Yesterday I got a present in the mail, from my pen pal, Maura! She gave me a cute The Three Little Kittens book! Thank you, Maura!

(Isn't the wrapping paper cute?)

I guess that brings me to now, where nothing is really happening. Pounce and Licorice got into a little fight-silly kitties. We still have our tree up but will probably take it down next week. I love Christmas trees and decorations and I feel a little sad when it's time to take them down. But...they'll be up again before we know it! I guess I'll stop here since I can't really think of anything else to write.