Friday, December 18, 2009

Wow, none of us have been updating this I shall. Christmastide is upon us. Our tree is up. It is modern, with lights and such, but I also live with a modern cousin and my aunt is modern, though I think once she gets new outfits, she'll be semi historical. We've brought down Noah's Ark and play with it daily while we listen to Christmas music. We listen to a variety since we've got colonial me, modern Megan and Aunt Martha and 1824 Mexico, Josefina, living together.

Anyway, the annual Star Valley Winter Festival is tomorrow and Sunday! 'Tis so exciting! We are again performing Selections From the Nutcracker and this year, I am Clara :) A few of the Water St. crew is in it, too. Our performance is tomorrow night! I think a couple of the songs will be video-taped and we're doing a photo story of it.

Well, I have to go help Aunt Martha bake cookies for the festival. Then I've got to feed Penny and work on my gift for Josefina and...there's just so much to do before Christmas!

~Felicity Merriman

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