Wednesday, June 30, 2010

As Told By Susie

As you can probably see, I decided to change the title of my blog. "Happenings in and Out of Star Valley" was a long title and I wanted to shorten it. Plus this is my blog-I just let some of my friends post once in awhile, hehe. I also wanted to create my own title image.

One of my favorite cartoons is As Told By Ginger, so that's where my new blog title, "As Told By Susie" comes from. I even looked at some pics of Ginger and decided to try to do a similar type of pose. I tried a few different ones before going with the one you see in the blog title image. Here's the pose of Ginger that my pose is inspired from:

With the new title came changing the layout. I'm very indecisive about some things and so it took me a couple hours to figure out what I liked. I tried using a starry background but it wasn't working-though it was a pretty background...why can't you use your own background image on here? So, finally I decided on the current colors. What do you think of the new title and layout?

Here are a couple of other pics from my little photoshoot for the title image:

Who am I waving at?, lol

This looks like a pose for jeans ad

Lastly, here is the full view of my title-image pose. I really like how it came out :)


  1. Love the colors on your new blog! I especially like how you created your own background when you took your pictures. It's cute!

  2. Wow. Your an expert at modeling. Could you model my dresss. just kidding..... lol!