Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Doll Decisions

Hey guys,

Nothing too much is going on right now. Jess, Jenny's Julie and Grandlinda's Peggy (fka Kit) had a jam session this evening, on their guitars. They said they had a lot of fun. Julie will be going home on Sunday and Addy will be coming home; we've all missed her!

Jess is trying to convince Missy that she does not need both #19 and #31. Missy has been trying to decide between #31 (Tessa) & #19 (Brooke) or just Tessa. After hearing both their bios, I think most of us would like Tessa to join us more (though Brooke sounds nice, too). Missy says she likes #31/Tessa more, too, and thinks the True Style outfit would be better fitted for Tessa. Plus Tessa has the Licorice Fun outfit waiting & she's planning to get the yoga outfit for her. The dress Mischa helped make could easily be for Tessa, too. #31 has also (besides almost turning into wanting #50 instead) been on her list constantly wheras #19 has been on and off more than once. Missy said she feels like she's pretty much at all the 18" AGs she wants, too. She still plans to get MAC Keisha and Chloe someday and perhaps, if she really wants one, she may get a Gotz Little Sister someday or perhaps one more future historical or GOTY.

So, I think Missy will just get Tessa, who will be the one coming home on Sunday (and joining Innerstar U, for those already on it). I'm almost so positive I just want to make a "Welcome, Tessa" banner right now.

Anyway, it's really late, so I'm going to go to bed now. 'Night!


  1. I think they both sound nice, but I'm with you and would like to meet Tessa more. Though if anything, if Missy still really really wants Brooke later on, she could still get her in the end. But if she's not sure whether she wants one or both, I agree Tessa would be better to come first.

    ps. Oh and I'll help with a banner :)

  2. Aww, really? But Brooke seems so nice! I think Melissa should get both Brooke and Tessa, haha. :) I think Tessa will want her best friend Brooke with her in Star Valley.

    Of course, if Tessa comes home, I guess I can't argue with that. She looks just like my best friend back in France - who I'm really hoping will join me here someday. I miss her!

    Ooh, the Yoga Gear outfit! You do need that. Maybe Tessa'll even lend it to Sarah so we can dress alike when I visit.


  3. I'm not sure if Tessa and Brooke are friends or even know each other. Missy was originally planning on getting #31 next anyway, before #19 sorta popped up again as an interest, a few weeks ago. But #19 has been an on and off doll (like Julie who won't be joining us). Missy's constantly wanted #31 since she came out (aside from debating #31 and #50 b/c they're very similar-one of them was always on the list). #31 and #19 are both nice though.

    But...humans are indecisive creatures...like us sometimes, lol. I bet Laura is that way, too, with some dolls ;)

    Also, Tessa would totally let Sarah borrow the yoga outfit-Sarah and Sophie will definitely have to "dress like twins." People might think they really are twins!