Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter 2014

I can't believe April vacation is almost over already. I want it to last longer! Even though my vacation has been pretty quiet, just staying at home, I'm not ready to go back to school yet.

For Easter, Kaya and I got Lindt chocolate bunnies, some other candy, eggs and bubbles to share. Kaya got a pretty pink flower hairclip and I got an adorable little pink bunny toy! I also sent some Easter toys and bubbles to a few of my friends. :)

Easter Photos

Our Easter baskets.

Me with my Easter presents.

My bunny toy! :)

Kaya blowing bubbles.

I did most of my extra credit math worksheet that Mrs. Halliwell gave me. The only thing I didn't do was the actual decimal points. I'm going to ask Mrs. Halliwell about them, on Monday. I hope she doesn't mind that I didn't do that part yet. I'm also worried about a social studies quiz we had last Friday. We'll probably get them back on Monday and I don't think I did well at all. :/ It's a good thing they don't have dunce caps anymore because I'd be the one wearing it. All. The. Time. Ugh.

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