Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm at the office-whoot! Actually it's a bit boring here at the moment...Missy's getting quite a few phone calls. I've giggled a couple times and she just told me "you try answering it next time." hehe.

Kirsten's been in VA but only just got opened a couple days ago b/c she got to Laura a tad too late. But I'm sure Kirsten was fine with that. She can turn any situation into something fun. Like when she and Mischa got stuck in Missy's theatre prof's office-they built a fort out of books!

We all miss Kirsten and we're all just waiting for school to start again pretty much. In a couple weeks. Also there's ballet rehearsals and I've got a violin recital that will be coming up soon so I'm busy learning music for that. Then there's another in Dec. Or late Nov. I can't remember at the moment!

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