Wednesday, August 20, 2008

*Screams* Animal Pests

So...Kirsten and Peter's puppy is going to be maimed. Not really but...earlier this summer Caro grabbed Fluffy and I tried pulling on him to get him back and...HIS TAIL BROKE OFF!!!!!!!!!I still have it on him...sorta...but it's not attached. Do I have to stick a tack in his butt so he'll be like Eeyore? lol-that would be funny! He still purrs but yeah...evil Caro. Caro gets at everything! He tries to get Toshi, too-bad puppy! I miss Kirsten-Caro listens to her!

School starts in a couple weeks. I'm happy about it because I'll be away from the evil puppy for a few hours. I'll have to bring Fluffy and Toshi with me to school so evil puppy doesn't destroy them. Why can't we have a cat?

Felicity came by yesterday riding...none other than DEMON HORSE!!!! Demon horse took one look at me, snorted and I ran for the hills-actually into the cabin. And Felicity wondered why. Duh-it's DEMON HORSE!!!! Lissie says DEMON HORSE isn't a demon but...I know better *nods.*


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