Saturday, March 7, 2009


MISSY RUINED MY STUFF!!!!!!!!!! She was putting on Sarah' freckles yesterday and just had to do them in her room so she could look at photos of the actress who played as Sarah in Labyrinth, in order to do it, and...SHE WAS HOLDING THE PAINT AND HER HAND JERKED AND THE SPOON FLUNG OUT AND SPLATTERED PAINT ON THE FLOOR AND HER WALL...AND IT GOT ON TOSHI AND MY BLANKET AND KIRSTEN'S STUFFED DOG, CUPID...AND MY PILLOW AND MY MOLLY DOLL AND SAMANTHINA AND A TEENSY BIT ON COCONUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now there's a huge brown stain on my blanket-brown spots on my pillow. Cupid has brown all over his back. Most of the paint came off Coconut (it was near his butt-ewwww) and Molly's sweater and Samanthina's sleeve (luckily not much got on them). And Missy did wash Toshi as best she could but he's still got a couple small light spots on him that make him look dingy now.

I'm just soooo mad!

Missy said that she didn't mean for it to happen-it was an accident. And that I should be lucky nothing got on Peter or Caro who were both in the cabin. And that I should be really lucky that I wasn't in the cabin when it happened. And I's still bad. I mean, who wants a icky brown spot on their blanket?! It's my favorite blanket and the paint even seeped through a couple of spots so it's brown and icky on both sides.

I hate Missy and I hate Sarah!



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