Saturday, March 7, 2009

What the heck?

So...I logged back in (Marina is now chillaxin' with Peter, Caro and me, in my cabin, in Star Valley) and I have no idea why but my avvie showed up as some pink flower?! What the heck? I didn't do anything to it so why would it be a pink flower? It was so weird. And of course my real avvie was deleted from the computer, so I had to quickly make a new one. It was just so weird; I've never had that happen before. None of the other avvies changed and nothing else changed? Was it just an lj glitch? My name was still the keyword but...weird. And spooky.

So, anyhoo, I've got a new avvie though it's nowhere near as cute as the one with Fluffy. This one is my school photo, from September. Oh well... I hope you guys like it anyway. And I hope that doesn't happen again.

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