Saturday, April 4, 2009

Let's see...first of all, Missy has no idea which AGs she's still getting. She doesn't think Molly will come. She's undecided about Sonali or whether she wants another pair of twins-aren't Rose and Rosalind enough? She says she wants identical twins (aka the 2 of the same doll)...well...what about Nicki's sisters? I dunno...maybe I'm not a fan of it because I don't have a twin. This also means that Sarita probably won't be coming here. It'll either be Sonali, Julie and #28; #28 and Julie; Sonali and Julie; or some combo of one of one doll and two of another-with this either Sonali or #28 would be out. Oy. Maybe Missy should just get Julie-one Julie.

Anyhoo...I got my Outdoor Play outfit! And it's awesome! I look adorable in it-I mean, this outfit was MADE for me! It's one of my new faves! Grandlinda is the best :D

Here's a pic of me in my new outfit:

Grandlinda also bought cookies! So my little tummy gets to be happily stuffed-yummy!

Oh and Missy just said she has an interview at BK on Monday which means one of us gets to ride along (for luck-and she'll hide a mini doll in her purse, too). I wonder who it'll be.

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