Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Well, some of the dolls are at summer camp right now. The rest of us are just chillin' having a lazy summer, hehe. I really should clean my room but I haven't gotten that far.

A new girl, Heather, arrived a few weeks ago. She's nice.

Jess colored a strip of her hair green. I thought she was going to post about it but maybe she forgot. Traveling Ruthie and Traveling Alex visited in May/June, which was fun. Traveling Laurel will be visiting soon. I'm so sleepy, I have no idea what to write. I wish something more exciting was going on at the moment. Hopefully we'll write more often. I'm sure Jess, Rose and Marina will share about camp when they get back. Though I'm considering just making this my blog and keeping the Coconut avvie for the others, instead of 5 main writers...I'm not sure. I might keep it as it is.

Oh yeah, now Missy has decided that #28 and #31 will probably be her last 18" AGs. Grandlinda's Molly J. will probably be hers someday, too. She decided she doesn't really want Julie.

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