Friday, March 19, 2010 life is pretty boring at the moment. Just school and playing dolls with Kaya. Okay so the playing dolls is fun! So is cuddling our kitties :)

Nothing much has been going on in town though. Megan's friend, Alison, recently moved here. They're both Magic Attic Club dolls, along with Heather, Rose and Rosalind.

Kaya and I have managed to keep our room clean. But we still have chores. Today mine are washing dishes and making the bed. I already made our bed. But dishes? Ugh. I guess I'll pretend all the silverware are synchronized swimmers or something, lol.


  1. Unless your Jess not much has been going on around here either. I'm just kind of hanging out in my pajamas and getting to know the new sister.

    Dishes are my least favorite chore to YUCK!


  2. Haha! I like the synchronized swimmers idea!

  3. Hi Susie! I like your blog. =) Check mine out sometime!

    Chores are never fun, but they usually mean allowance, which is fun! =)

    - Wendy