Saturday, April 10, 2010


Hey guys, Jess here! On Monday me and Peggy (one of Grandlinda's dolls) are going to AGB-B. It'll be so fun, hehe. Missy wants to get the Vacation outfit PWP if it's still available won't be for me! No...she said it'll be for this year's Christmas doll! Grrrrsies! I probably won't get any souvenir. If she has some extra $, she might buy sneakers for someone...wait-I might need sneakers still! Oh...wait...I have some already (Kirsten borrows them sometimes, when she's not wearing her historical footsiewears).

And I can't drive the car. I like trying to drive but I like to go fast! And Grandlinda said Peggy and I have to sit in the back. No fun. Maybe I'll try to take some neatsie photos-like with Lanie and everyone. *Sighs* At least I get to go!



  1. Of course, you could always borrow the outfit. Who says you each have to have your own separate wardrobe? That's the thing about going to boarding school - you CAN'T have your own wardrobe because girls are always going to want to borrow your clothes. I so speak from experience...

    Have fun at AGB&B!


  2. Maybe. It would depend on if the new girl and I are friends-but maybe I can wear it before Christmas ;) I do get to model it :D

    I even thought of something I'm going to try to do while I'm there, but I'm not sure if it'll get done. I'll take pics either way ;)

  3. Hope you have fun. I'm totally jealous (Though I DID go to agp ny last month so I can't complain too much