Thursday, August 12, 2010

Video News

Hey guys,
Jess here :D So...Missy's been getting really itchy lately, thinking about making some new non-doll movies/videos and, of course, doll ones. I don't know why she's getting itchy but she got a new camcorder! It's not here yet but I hope it'll be here before Sophie and Molly visit this weekend! Do you even have to ask why I hope it'll get here? So I can film a new web show episode of course! Now I'll be able to use the camcorder instead of the digital camera-read-better quality! And...we'll be able to see what's on camera WHILE we're filming, because of the flip-out lcd screen camcorders have-yeah!!!!

Also, Susie, Megan and I are starring in a short stop-frame. We filmed the first scene on the digital camera but might re-film on the camcorder. Neither video will be up for a little while yet, as we have to film and Missy has to get firewire stuffs (to be able to transfer the video to the computer to edit; I hope she gets it soon). The camcorder will be a nice upgrade-the digital camera has been fairly good but let's face cameras are better at photos and camcorders are better at videos. Actually, Missy has another camcorder but it can't hook to her computer or anything, so it was just used for practice stuff, basically. Though she did film a feature-length stop-frame a few years ago but says that much has changed in Star Valley since then. She also had to film it in order. With the new camcorder, she'll be able to film out of order and edit, which she's excited about.

I can't wait to film my new web show episode! You'll just have to wait and see what it'll be about-because I don't even know yet! I'm also excited for the new short stop-frame, hehe. It's a fun one!



  1. Hi Susie, Lindsey Bergman here filling in for Haley while she's still traveling. Your video idea sounds really neat, keep us posted!

  2. A new webshow episode during my visit? Ooh, that'll be fun! :)