Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hey guys,

First of all, the Star Valley block party last month was really fun! Nancy and I competed in the three-legged race. We didn't win but we placed! And...I won the talent show! I was really nervous and sang "Part of Your World" along to the CD but I tried to sing louder than the CD. I was really surprised; I didn't think I did well. Some of the residents were surprised I got up there on the stage; I'm usually shy and quiet. Samantha N. got a close second with her singing "A Parting Blessing" (I think she did better than me and should have won). Felicity got third in the talent show with a poem recitition.

Anyway, I'm wicked excited! Next week, Marina and I, along with GrandLinda's Annie and Felicity, and Traveling Sophie, are going to be spending the week at Missy's grandma's house. Marina is going to the Mystic Seaport and Aquarium, which she's really excited about.

As for me-I'm going with Missy for a few days, to NY and I'm going to be staying with Inky! We've been wanting to meet each other; Shirley met her last summer. I heard Violet might still be there, visiting, too :)

While in NY, I'm going to be on a mission. I've been wanting my own Uglydoll for quite awhile now-specifically Secret Mission Ice Bat. But we haven't found him yet (besides online or a non keychain (doll-sized) version). So, hopefully I can find him.

I'll be sure to take some pics next week ;)

~Susie M. Kent

P.S. Now if only this week would go by faster!
P.P.S. Happy first day of Fall!

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