Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ack! Sorry I haven't written in like, forever. I just kept forgetting to post-oops. Things have been pretty quiet here, aside from Sonali moving here on Christmas and Kanani moving here last month. For Christmas/my birthday, I got a cute reversable pillow. It's a pink Hard Rock on one side and green with little white polka dots on the others side-so cute! I also got a pretty striped scarf. Kit, Maddie and Addy spend Christmas with Kaya and I.

As I mentioned above (and Kirsten has probably mentioned as well), Sonali moved here on Christmas. Her sister, Solana, lives in another town-with our Water St. friends. They're twins. I'm not sure what I think of Sonali yet. She seems a bit stuck up and has taken to hanging out with Nikki Halliwell and Rosalind and Rose Hopkins, a lot. Sometimes she seems nice but other times... she's also good friends with Gwen.

Kanani is a sixth grader and is Nicki Fleming's cousin. She moved here from Hawaii, which must have been a bit of a shock, temp-wise. She seems pretty nice and trendy. She's bubbly and friendly. Kanani also loves photography. She has a dog named Barksee; he's adorable and so friendly.

Our class had a little Valentine's party. I got some cute Valentine's :)

Oh, we're still in the process of writing the screenplay for The Show Must Go On. There's still six more scenes to write (probably around 25-30 more pages), before we cane make sets, figure out costumes, filming space and start filming! I'm excited-I get a starring role! We're playing ourselves in the movie. Missy will have to get an external hard-drive before we'll be able to edit the movie, since it'll take up so much space. The editing won't happen for awhile anyway and we'll still have some more youtube videos up in the meantime, too.

Well, that's it for now. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


  1. Salut Susie,

    Bonne Saint-Valentin! :)

    Is Sonali like that awful character in that Chrissa movie? I hope not. She seems nice, from everything I see about her on Facebook.

    Ooh, a Hawaiian girl! I want to go to Hawaii someday, especially since Inky has been telling me about her friend Maiki.

    Good luck with the movie! How exciting that you have a starring role! :)


  2. *guards Solana from seeing a post were her sister is called stuck up*

    Congrats on the starring role Sus! Hope the movie goes well.