Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Changes

Sorry for not writing more over the summer. Things were pretty quiet for the most part.

Lately I've been kinda blue. My cousins, Kit and Maddie are moving away. They're going to live with their Aunt Millie. I'm going to miss them so much! And on top of that news, also a few weeks ago, Kaya had said that she was feeling kind of unhappy and that she wanted to go and find some of her tribe to live with for awhile. She's not sure if she's going to come back or live with her tribe permanently. I want to be there for her with whatever decision she decides but I know I'll miss her like crazy, too, if she moves away!

Has anyone else had best friends move away? Does it always hurt like this?

Nicki has been staying with me and my mom for awhile and Tessa has been hanging out with us, too. Marina has been busy working on pieces for a recital so we haven't hung out much lately :/. We did hang out at the block party on Monday, which was good. And she of course invited me to her recital so I can't wait to hear her play for that.

Speaking of the block party, I sang "Dreams of Harmony" for the talent show. I also entered Pounce in the pet show/parade, which was fun. She's such a sweet kitty :).

The leaves are all turning pretty colors. After I clean my room, I'll probably put up some Halloween decorations. I have no idea what I'm going to be this year. I haven't really thought about it yet.

Here's a photo of me, singing at the block party:


  1. You look so pretty in the photo, Susie! I love your Coco/Licorice shirt!

    I know, it's always sad to see a friend leave, but the best part is that you can still visit each other, and those visits will be really special to both of you!


  2. It hurts so much to have a friend move away from you. I really know. 2 years ago my best friend moved to Maine. It hurts so much. But Ava's right, I get to visit her a lot, just a couple of months ago I went to a different part of Maine to see her--it was awesome. I cried for weeks when she went, but eventually life went on.

  3. Hi Susie. That's a great photo of you. :) I just had a friend move away and it's been hard. Luckily I do have a bunch of friends so that helps. Hang in there!
    ~ Kiki

  4. Yes, Susie, I'm afraid that it always hurts when a best friend leaves. I'm still hurting that Nathalie returned to Canada while I was still traveling. I didn't even get to say goodbye! She says she'll return to FHSG someday, but in the meantime, I really miss her. Of course, several other girls left, too, but I wasn't close to any of them. I'm not even sad that Isabel left - just because I hear she's really happy in her new home.

    On the bright side, Chiara returned from Italy after all and so at least I have her around. Just like you have Tessa and Nicki!

    I miss you! Maybe I'll get to see you next summer or something, if we can swing a New England vacation?