Friday, January 25, 2013

Math Class

So Wednesday during math class, I missed a couple questions that I was called on, to answer. It was partly because I hate being called on, in class, and partly because I-er-wasn't fully paying attention, I guess. When we started on our schoolwork, Mrs. Halliwell wanted to see me, at her desk. Eek! I nervously followed her and she talked to me a bit and told me that if I had a question, I could ask her for help. Then she asked me to stay at her desk to do my work. Probably partly because I tend to doodle-hearts, flowers, stars...when I do my homework or a test. She also probably sensed that I was nervous because she said that I could have a friend sit at the desk, with me. Of course, I chose Marina! She's always there for me. :) Mrs. Halliwell also checked my answers to make sure I was getting it. I felt embarrassed-sometimes I hate asking for help. But at least Mrs. Halliwell was nice and understanding. And Marina was nice and understanding, too. :)

*Sighs a breath of relief* Now it's the weekend so I can enjoy it! Well, I do have some homework but aside from that, I can enjoy it. We're reading The Secret Garden in Reading class. I'm liking it. Then again, I've loved all three versions of the movie that I've seen-and own. Mary and Dicken are my favorite characters in it.


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  1. Susie,

    See! I told you that Mrs. Halliwell would be willing to help you! Glad that you've found something to try out to help. Keep us posted on how it goes.

    I've never read the secret garden. I think Jenn saw one of the movies a long time ago though. She's not 100% sure.