Saturday, January 19, 2013

Math Worksheets And Sleepovers

Kaya and I are sleeping over at Hallie's tonight. How sad is it that I've been sorta trying to avoid Mrs. Halliwell? I have a math worksheet due on Tuesday but I haven't started yet. And we had a little timed worksheet to do in class yesterday and I didn't get all the way through...I hate the timed worksheets. They're usually a mix of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and all between 0 and 12. So stuff like 7x9 or 10+12 or 6/3...but since we only have a few minutes to do them, I never seem to finish. I swear my mind likes to go blank sometimes-even on easy questions! Or, with looking fast, I'll do the wrong thing...ugh...Mrs. Halliwell probably thinks I'm stupid. Icky math.

So whenever Mrs. Halliwell comes into the room we're in, I kinda duck and look down. I like hanging out and sleeping over at Hallie's but it's always awkward when your teacher is the mom of one of your friends.

And I know, I shouldn't be afraid. And I also know I've written similar-sounding posts before and will probably do more in the future...but still...

Anyway, other than the avoiding thing, we've been having a fun time. We set up some of Hallie's toys and had them go to the mall. Then they had a fashion show. We also played cards, like three-way war. Very fun. I won once and Kaya won twice.

We're about to go to bed soon. (and, for anyone wondering...yes, I do feel a bit nervous typing this. I don't want Mrs. Halliwell to see it. It makes me a bit jumpy, typing this entry-if she saw it, I'd probably be wicked embarrassed and she'd probably hate me and be mad and- ack!).

Susie Doesn't-Want-To-Get-Caught Kent


  1. Susie,

    I'm sure Mrs. Halliwell doesn't think you're stupid :) I've known you for a long time (5 years the Christmas just passed) You are NOT stupid :)

    Maybe Kaya can go to school early with you some day and help you talk to Mrs. Halliwell about how nervous you get on the worksheets?

    Hope you had a fun sleepover.


  2. Hi Susie,

    Oh, I'm sorry! I hated multiplication/division timed worksheets at first! I remember never being able to finish them at first, but then it got easier. I started practicing with flashcards at home, and soon I found that I actually could finish the timed worksheets in class! And now I'm in an advanced Math THAT happened I'll never know as it's still not my favorite subject!

    I think it would be a little weird seeing your teacher outside of school, though, particularly a teacher you're not fond of. I've been known to hide from teachers when I see them outside of class. There are some teachers who I consider my best friends (and would therefore never hide from), but others I really can't stand at all. Running into THEM would be horrible!


  3. Thanks, Molly. I'll see if Kaya will help me tell Mrs. Halliwell about the worksheets. I know I'll be wicked nervous though.

    Math is one of my least favorite subjects. My mom said that I should try studying with flashcards, although I don't really want to...

    It's not that I'm not fond of Mrs. Halliwell-she's nice-it's just I've always been afraid of what my teachers (and people I don't know well), think of me. Part of me is sure that Mrs. Halliwell would be understanding and I know she's there to help but another part of me just can't seem to get over being nervous/afraid, when I talk to her. Sometimes I even ignore it when she writes "please see me" on a paper or test I didn't do well on. I think I'll always probably be this way.
    (and, actually, if we ever finish The Show Must Go On), there's one big scene that I have to do with Mrs. Halliwell that I'm wicked nervous about).