Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treating

So...last night was Halloween. If you're wondering what I went as, well the holiday present that my cousin, Kit, told me to add to my poll, won...great... I wasn't really wanting to be it. Anyway, Kit helped me make my costume last-minute. She and Kaya both said I looked cute. I wasn't feeling cute and was almost mortified when we went to Madamoiselle Ann's house, first. She told me not to be embarrassed (something which the other adults in town echoed). In the end I wound up having fun trick or treating as always. I got some nice compliments on my costume and while it's still not in my favorites list, I have to admit that it grew on me a bit. I'm a Christmas birthday girl, too, so it fit well.

Kaya went as a Fall leaf and had a pretty mask; she borrowed Josefina's summer dress to wear. Halfway through, we met up and walked with Hallie and Molly J. I got some nice goodies, like a bracelet, a little grim ghosty (not sure if it's really a ghost or not. To me, it looks like a black ghost with a red tie and is cute) and of course candy.

I also entered the AGPT costume contest for Creative Use of Materials.

Here's a pic of me in my costume:

Some of the other trick or treaters:
A group of trick or treaters. (Halloween 2010)

Hallie as a witch:
Pretty Hallie, the Witch; Halloween 2010.

And here is an album of the trick or treating last night:
Halloween in Star Valley

I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween and Happy November!


  1. You guys had some very creative costumes.
    I participated in Halloween for the first time; that was very eventful...

  2. Hi again, Susie!

    You look cute in your present costume! I had a feeling that was the idea that Kit made you put down, so I didn't end up voting for it in the poll anyway. Actually, I don't rightly remember what I voted for, but I didn't vote for the present. But, regardless, I think your costume turned out cute. You put much more effort into a costume than I would've, at least remembering my past Halloweens.

    I really love Kaya's costume! That's probably because I've heard Laura go on and on about how she LOVES Kaya in Josefina's summer dress, but LOL, she does look great in it. I also really like the masks you girls made. They remind me of some Anya saw in Italy. I *may* have to suggest holding a masquerade at some point in Fair Hollow. That'd be a blast!